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  • Jen Visitacion

Time to Shift

“Action expresses priorities.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Friends,

It's time.

I have loved the practice of writing these "shift change" newsletters each week.

Thank you for reading and for your responses.

I am grateful.

I'm making a shift...

I am focusing my coaching practice on women entrepreneurs and leaders- building a community of pathfinders who are passionate about creating the change they want to see in the home...and in the workplace.

I'm planning amazing retreats and opportunities for business and leadership development.

I'm focusing my volunteer efforts on the work of the Board of Education in Salida.

I'm focusing on my family, the farm and nature and fun.

While I spend time designing this next phase....I'm going to put the Friday Shift Change to bed.

If you want to stay engaged and on my mailing list to hear about upcoming retreats or coaching offerings, please respond to this and I will keep you in the loop!

Otherwise...sending you so much love and light.

Bye for now.


P.S, just a few more days to sign up for the personal leadership equus retreat below.


Want to hone in on your personal awareness, build self confidence, and strengthen your belief in yourself? Join me in Longmont, Colorado this October (October 26th) for the Art of Personal Leadership Equus Coaching Retreat.

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