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  • Jen Visitacion

Project Jar

The past two weeks I only left the farm a handful of times. This was by choice.

I have a list of projects around the farm that have been cluttering up my mind and holding me back from really digging into some more desired, creative work.

So, I'm trying to knock them out.

And I'll admit...I get overwhelmed.

Partially because projects are never-ending at the farm, in our home and in my business ....AND I keep creating new ones!!!

One of my favorite things to do- is to download all of the the projects I'm dreaming of onto sticky notes and fold them and put them in the jar.

It's a game I play to get excited about what is next.

And it takes the paralysis out of decision making.

This past week- I was pleasantly surprised by the projects I pulled from the jar and completed.

I find its a great way to involve my family too. We each get to put our project ideas into the jar.

We have a fun jar too....we alternate between the project and fun jar.

It is a simple tool....but it brings me joy and helps me focus on one thing at a time.

What do you do at home or at work to knock out projects that don't have a pre-determined deadline?

How do you overcome the overwhelm of your to-do list?

I have a hunch there is a way you can make it a bit more playful and empowering.

Maybe it's a project jar?

What do you think? And can add stuff like, get a pedicure, or go for a hike or call your family back and when you draw do it....and it feels oh so good.

Happy Friday!

xoxox JenV

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