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  • Jen Visitacion

Calm, Cool & Collected

Last week, my husband and I had the opportunity to travel abroad with two of our nephews to Portugal.

It was a quick trip....which in some ways was good because it enabled us to soak up every minute.

The coastline, the food, the company, the experiences....pure perfection.

One evening, I was invited to join a few women on a horseback ride before dinner.

I jumped at the chance.

Orion was my horse....I got on....felt calm and cool...and we began on our adventure.

Midway through the ride...she asked if we wanted to trot or canter. I said...yes, of course.

What a dream to ride through the fields in Portugal with breathtaking views and beautiful companions.

As soon as we picked up the pace, I realized that my stirrups were too long and I couldn't get a strong enough connection with my feet to feel "collected".

So I stayed calm and cool.....but not collected. I just hung on!

And it was still amazing....even though I'm sure I looked like a hot mess.

I felt like a kid...who was just going for it without caring what it looked like. As if all I had was my instincts, rather than the "training" for how to "do it better". Just me on a horse...running...and hanging on.

Next time I ride, I'll learn from this and adjust accordingly....because that is what experience can teach us.

But nothing can take away from the joy of embracing that moment just the way it was.

And when we slowed down....I collected myself, still calm and cool.

And so it goes.

Happy Friday,

Jen V