Join the Pathfinder Posse!


  • it's clear where you are headed

  • you are following someone else's lead, so you don't have to think about it...

  • you are lost and desperate to he found...

  • you know where you want to go, but you aren't sure how to get there...

  • the path is covered with thick vegetation and it's hard to stay on track...

  • you feel you've reached your destination, but it doesn't feel like you thought it would...


Your permission slip has been signed... you're a big girl now!

Imagine you are on a path and it's going somewhere. Where is it going? Do you know?

Ok, so if this path is leading you to a vacation, or the grocery store, or some other minor stop in life…then the stakes aren’t all that high, right?


But say this path IS your life, your journey, your destiny…..don’t you want a say in where it is going?


You don’t need a permission slip to design the life you want…. that permission slip has been signed and we are ready to go!


So let’s get out the map and dance in the possibility that you can create more:

  • financial freedom

  • time for what matters most to you

  • space for beauty in your home and environment

  • more room in your life for joy & connection

Imagine how you would feel, the new doors it would open, the calm and peace that it would provide.

I can assure you, it's not just possible, but absolutely doable if you are ready for the adventure. 

We will spend 2 weeks on each of the 4 steps in the pathfinder process:





you will 

reach your 








Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

We are going to get clear about where you want to go and acknowledge what you most crave in your life but you must be willing to dance in the space of possibility to dissolve the roadblocks along the way. We will work together to create new habits with your money, time and living space and learn how to make yourself a priority again. (IMAGINE THAT?!) 

What you need: Openness and willingness to dance in the possibilities

What I will provide: Encouragement, motivation, celebration of the steps you take and results it provides.

One night at a women's community leader event, I met a Life Coach and became intrigued. She was trained in "The Work" by Byron Katie, an inquiry process in which you question your thoughts. I decided to sign up for a session and was blown away by how much freedom I could have if I changed the way I thought about my circumstances.  

This was the beginning of a journey to shift my career path into helping people become clear with their vision and purpose, develop strategies to achieve their goals and to support personal sustainability. Because although we are spouses, partners and parents, we are still ourselves and we need to honor that.