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 Life Coaching for Families of Physicians

I get it.


As a spouse of an ER Physician, I understand the feeling of being lonely in a relationship.  I understand what it feels like to have our family’s wants and needs put on the back burner because of the demands of medicine.  Like that time when we were trying to leave for our honeymoon and he had to take that last biochem exam. Or juggling each year between Christmas or Thanksgiving off but not both. Having many weekends, nights or parent/teacher conferences alone.

I understand what it feels like to witness friends and family elevate the “romance” of my husband’s profession by seeking his  medical advice and enjoying his tales from the trenches, and feeling minimized in my role or contribution to our life together.

And after 15 years, I understand what it takes to move beyond the challenges and frustration to create the balanced, happy, and healthy marriage and family life we both crave and dream about and I want to pass our creative solutions along!  I am so passionate about helping other spouses and  families of physicians create the life they truly want.  Designing a life of balance, adventure, connection and meaning.  

Through coaching , I help spouses and families of physicians...​​

  • Create their ideal life vision

  • Practice taking daily action steps toward achieving that vision 

  • Develop strategies to increase personal and family health and resilience

  • Cultivate more joy and happiness along the way

Does this sound like you?


  • You want a relationship and life that feels healthy, balanced, and connected.  One full of quality time with each other and with friends, family and community?

  • You want the time and freedom to travel together or to simply curl up with a good book next to the fire and do nothing.  

  • You want more laughter and less logistics?

  • You want a more functional household and less of your free time spent getting caught up on it all?  

  • You want a partnership that has more love and camaraderie and less frustrating negotiations about managing time & expectations?

Living with a medical student, resident or practicing physician provides some unique challenges.  

The physical, emotional and scheduling demands of this profession makes it difficult to carve out quality time for their own self care let alone quality time for family, friends and community.   Whether taking call or working shifts, the time commitments of medicine are never mainstream 9-5, and work is rarely left at work.


The spouse of a physician often becomes the “catch all” for taking everything else on including managing communication, relationships, finances, household functioning, parenting, etc., often times while also advancing or managing their own ambitions/careers.  

The stress that this lifestyle puts on a couple and a family can feel insurmountable.   It can leave both partners feeling lonely, frustrated, resentful,  and lost in how to create the life that you’ve dreamed of and that you ultimately set out to achieve by starting this journey.


I want you to know that I’m with you and the struggle is real!  You are not making it up….this can be a challenging lifestyle!  I also want you to know that you don’t have to suffer or feel resentful.  You can create change in your relationship and family life even if your spouse is too busy to help you!  If you work with me, I will help you create the mindset and strategies to move beyond your acute complaints to a place of preventative maintenance that supports a more sustainable life for you, your marriage and for your family!

Let me help!


I can’t wait to see what we can create for you!