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Jen's Story

Welcome to MD Family Solutions, I'm so glad you found us!  I'm Jen Visitacion and I am a Leadership & Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Wife of an ER Doc and proud mama. 

I met my husband almost 19 years ago (what?), right before he was getting ready to go back to school for a second bachelors, so that he would have the prerequisites to apply to medical school.  We were in our late 20's and he informed me that, while he liked me, he wasn't sure he could have a girlfriend because he was headed to medical school. 

I did the math, 2 years of pre-requisites + 1 year of application + 4 years of medical school + a minimum of 3 years of residency= a decade without a girlfriend.   I told him...."good luck with that".  Needless to say, we have been together ever since and married now for over 15 years. 

After the first year of medical school, I told him that I believed he was right....that he couldn't have a girlfriend, so it was lucky that he had a wife because I was all in at that point.

I'll be honest...I was super lonely, sometimes resentful & angry, and mostly feeling like suddenly his life was more important than mine or our life together.  I would become extra sensitive on his days off or on vacations when he would prioritize other activities rather than connecting with me.  

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't just sitting around feeling sorry for myself...I was the Executive Director of a non-profit organization, supporting us financially with my salary along with his student loans, and was deeply involved in my work/ community. 

One night at a women's community leader event, I met a Life Coach and became intrigued.  She was trained in "The Work" by Byron Katie, an inquiry process in which you question your thoughts.  I decided to sign up for a session and was blown away by how much freedom I could have if I changed the way I thought about my circumstances.  

This was the beginning of a journey to shift my career path into helping people and organizations become clear with their vision and purpose, develop strategies to achieve their goals and to support personal and organizational sustainability. 


More importantly- it was the beginning of a journey of self acceptance and prioritization of my own goals and dreams while being still being a supportive wife.

15 years later, I look back and see all that we have accomplished together, my husband and I, as a team, as partners and often with me leading the charge.  We are parents to an amazing son, we have relocated and reinvented ourselves for medical school, residency, and to our current community in Central Colorado, and we have created our Farmstead and Retreat Center which serves as rest, dreaming and incubation habitat for change makers.

It is my passion to work with spouses of physicians to help you keep yourself "on the front burner" and support you on your journey to create the life you crave.